If you're a fan of music festivals then here are five that fly under the radar that you might want to check out this summer.

Illinois Residents Take Advantage Of Summer Weather

People in Illinois really like to take advantage of the nice summer weather while they can because before you know it, we'll be experiencing the winter climate once again. Not many residents like to be outside for long periods of time with those cold temperatures. That's why most of the folks in our state spend their free time outside during these months of the year.

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Summer Is The Best Time For Concerts In Illinois

Music has always been a big deal in Illinois. There are several talented musicians that came from our state. Plus, there are many big fans that live in the Land of Lincoln. Concerts are very popular. The bands love playing here. Then in the summertime, there are a lot of opportunities to see shows outside. We have awesome outdoor amphitheaters and venues.

Illinois Music Festivals
Illinois Music Festivals

Illinois Is Home To Many Amazing Music Festivals

Of course, Illinois has its fair share of music festivals. There are the famous ones like Lollapalooza where fans come from all over the world to check it out. Don't worry, if that's not your thing, you have plenty of other options too. Some of the best ones fly under the radar. I'm going to share some fun ones that fly under the radar but should definitely be added to a must-visit list.

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5 Illinois Music Festivals You Probably Never Heard Of

#1 NASCAR Street Race Weekend

  • There's all the hoopla about this big race coming to Chicago but do you know about the special added bonus? They are throwing a music festival right on the grounds. Live racing and music make a nice combo.

#2 The Last Fling

  • The longtime Rib Fest got all the love in Naperville but this end-of-summer festival is actually better.

#3 Taste Of Chicago

  • I'm sure you've actually heard of Taste of Chicago but probably only think of all the delicious food. Well, they also bring in some incredible music for entertainment too. Their line-up gets better each year. I think it would surprise you.

#4 Tailgate N' Tallboys

  • There are a few different versions of this music fest but the one in Taylorville includes offroading along with the bands.

#5  American Music Festival

  • The legendary Fitzgerald's is the home for this party each summer with an amazing lineup of musicians.

Photos of "The Lot" Outdoor Concert Venue In Clinton, Wisconsin

Photos of "The Lot" Outdoor Concert Venue In Clinton, Wisconsin 

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