Check out this video of an all-out brawl at a high school hockey game in Illinois.

I'm not going to lie. I'm old school when it comes to hockey. I enjoy a fight or two during a game I'm watching. Of course, with many of the rule changes, it doesn't happen that much anymore. I'm talking about on the pro level. There's no place for that in high school and college. Here's a perfect example of why fighting in hockey is frowned upon.

According to,

"H.S. hockey players in Illinois turned themselves into human missiles, launching their bodies at each other in a wild brawl and footage of the fight is insane. Evanston's varsity squad was facing off with Lake Forest at a local college rink in the Chicago area when a fight broke out and escalated IN A HURRY." Check out the (NSFW) video from Barstool Chicago Twitter page...

I have a feeling the players involved won't be playing hockey with their team for a long time.

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