Illinois has a cow problem this morning with several on the loose and disrupting traffic by wandering onto busy roads.

Last week, I was driving on North Second Street by Sinnissippi Park, when traffic came to a sudden stop.

A group of geese thought it was a great place to cross the street. By the way, the birds took their sweet time doing it. Luckily, no one was hurt. It was just a little delay in travel.

Could you imagine if it was a bigger animal like a cow?

From the Illinois State Police Facebook page...

"Multiple cows are still at large on I-72 in the area of the Argenta Exit at milepost 150 in Macon County. Approximately 5 miles east of the exit and 5 miles west of the exit. Several ranchers are on scene to attempt to locate the cattle. The cows have been crossing the interstate lanes. Use caution."

That would not be a fun start to your morning commute.

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