Driving on highways in Illinois will no longer be as entertaining because there's a new law for content posted on signs.

Illinois Highways Are The Worst

I have lots of friends and family, including my mother, who doesn't live in the Rockford area. That means I spend quite a bit of time on the highway. There are so many reasons to not enjoy that kind of driving in Illinois. Just off the top of my head, there's traffic, construction, potholes, weather, tolls, and crazy drivers to just name a few.

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Crazy Drivers On Illinois Highways

One of the worst problems on Illinois highways is the drivers. First of all, it's insane how many of them are distracted with their nose in a cell phone or something else. I can't believe that residents still need to be reminded to wear seatbelts or not drink and drive. They can't seem to remember the speed limit either. Good thing there are signs to remind them.


Entertainment on Illinois Highways

Over the past few years, The Illinois Department of Transportation has done a good job of reminding drivers about the laws but also being entertaining at the same time. They have been putting funny messages on the digital signs that are hung over the highway. Everyone gets excited to see them. The only thing better is counting how many Brian Urlacher hair replacement billboards you see on one trip.

No More Funny Signs On Illinois Highways

Those funny signs are now banned in Illinois because of a new law from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. For once it isn't our state to blame.

According to nbcchicago.com,

Illinois drivers who appreciate humorous messages while they’re on area highways will be sad to learn that such signs will be banned.


Overhead electronic signs with obscure meanings, pop culture references or those intended to be funny will be banned because they can be “misunderstood or distracting to drivers.


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