Wisconsin commuter makes a daring move by riding his electric scooter onto a busy highway during rush hour.

Riding Electric Scooters In Wisconsin Can Be Dangerous

I've never been a scooter or skateboard-type person. I don't have that kind of skillset or balance. I stopped riding a bike when I turned sixteen and got my driver's license. It's safe to say, that's what started my fear of that kind of transportation. I know plenty of people that have mastered the art. Even if you're an excellent rider, you still have to be careful where you ride. It's difficult for bigger vehicles to see you on the road.

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The Fear Of Driving On A Busy Wisconsin Highway

I've got no problem driving a car. I know some people that are afraid of getting on the highway. It can be very intimidating, especially during heavy traffic. Have you ever had to pull over in that situation? I'll admit being stuck on the shoulder with cars flying by can be really scary. I had to change a flat tire once and it wasn't fun.

Scooter On Wisconsin Highway
Scooter On Busy Wisconsin Highway

Wisconsin Police Get Call About Scooter On Highway

A couple of days ago during the morning commute, the Wisconsin police received a call from a concerned citizen. They witnessed a man ride his electric scooter down the shoulder of a very busy highway. That takes a lot of guts. I don't know if a professional stuntman would take that kind of risk. You have to admit, it's pretty darn crazy. Check out the video.

I'm going to take a hard pass on that one. The even scarier thing is that it's not the man's personal scooter. It's of those that you can rent off the street. Who knows what kind of condition it's in?

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