A massive mess caused by 35,000 pounds of frozen chickens closed a major Illinois highway for hours and left commuters stuck in their vehicles.

Traffic Already Sucks In Illinois

There are no added problems needed to cause a serious backup on busy Illinois highways during rush hour. Those things are bad enough on their own. When I was a kid, my dad drove every day back and forth to work on one of those terrible Chicago tollways. He was never early but usually always late to both his job and home. I can never complain about traffic because I've got nothing compared to that.

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Now, it's summertime so that means the roads get even worse. It really doesn't seem possible but it does happen. You have to remember factors like construction, holiday travelers, and even weather at times. Those events can have a huge effect on how fast the traffic is moving. Of course, that's usually slow.

U.S. Skies and Roads Busy Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend
Frozen Chickens Spilled On Illinois Highway

According to abc7chicago.com, 

How Much Frozen Chicken Does It Take To Close An Illinois Highway?

That is a very good question. You might be surprised that I actually have a real answer and not a guess. Of course, it's because of a recent incident just outside of Chicago. It was early in the morning last weekend. There was an accident involving a semi-truck going east on I-290. The rig dumped its load all over the highway.

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You're not going to believe this because it really does sound made up but the truck was carrying frozen chickens. That was 35,000 pounds of frozen chickens that closed a major Illinois highway. When commuters called their bosses to tell them they were running late, there's no way they thought this story was true.

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