Have you ever paid attention when your airplane is leaving the gate and heading to the airport's runway because there's a lot of commotion going on at the same time?

Activity On Taxiway At O'Hare Airport In Illinois

The last time I flew out of O'Hare airport in Illinois, just outside of Chicago, I made a few observations that I hadn't caught in the past. I had the rare opportunity to be in the window seat. That gave me a great view to check out what was going on near the airplane. I couldn't believe all the activity happening at the gate, taxiway, and runway. I was wondering who directs all of that traffic. Are there ever any accidents?

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Accident On Taxiway At O'Hare Airport

I was wondering if there are ever any accidents on the taxiway at O'Hare Airport since it seems like a super highway with all the traffic. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In fact, it just happened recently. Luckily, no one was hurt and there wasn't any serious damage done to any of the airplanes.

Two separate airplanes ran into a baggage cart on the taxiway. In both incidents, the accidents occurred after landing on the way back to the gate at the terminal. Apparently, it was a very windy day and it blew the trailer into the middle of the road and the airplanes couldn't avoid it. The two airplanes and baggage cart were inspected for damage. They were all good and should be back in service soon. Also, no one was injured during the accidents.

According to abc7chicago.com, 

Chicago fire officials confirmed that two planes struck a baggage cart on the taxiway at O'Hare International Airport Thursday night.


CFD officials said no one on either plane was injured. It appeared the incident happened as planes were taxiing to their gates.

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