I'm sad to say but it's true, people across the United States including Illinois have forgotten how to act properly in public, making complete fools of themselves, and causing major issues for innocent bystanders.

People Forgot How To Act In Public In Illinois

It's crazy because over the last couple of years in Illinois residents and also people across the country have completely forgotten how to act in public. Honestly, they just don't care anymore. These folks just act like idiots and don't care how it affects everyone around them.

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This seems to happen quite a bit on airplanes and in airports. Since O'Hare Airport in Illinois is so busy, some incidents happen there all the time. Each issue is worse than the last one. It's like the passengers have lost all total commonsense. TSA doesn't take kindly to distributive individuals so those people will end up in serious trouble. It's not worth it.

Airplane Forced To Land At O'Hare

Drunk Teenager Arrested At O'Hare Airport

This latest incident happened just over the weekend. A teenager boarded a United Airlines flight from San Antonio. The destination was not mentioned in the report. The suspect was wasted. I'm guessing he was drinking before he got on the plane. The kid probably snuck some booze in his carry-on too. That's two strikes before take-off. Underage drinking and being intoxicated on an airplane.

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Since he was drunk, the suspect started to cause a big scene on the flight. Unfortunately, the crew wasn't able to settle him down so the pilot was forced to land the airplane. Of course, the police were waiting for him as soon as the door was opened. The teen was arrested and will be facing some serious trouble.

According to abc7chicago.com, 

An intoxicated teenager, who was on board a United Airlines flight that landed at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, was taken into police custody on Saturday, officials said.

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