Even though it seems impossible in this era of time there is a brand-new paper map of the Illinois highway system available now.

Traveling Through Illinois Back In The Day 

These young drivers today have no idea what it is like to figure out how to get somewhere you've never been before. It's so easy nowadays with GPS not only in your car but also on your phone. All you have to do is put in the address and the computer will find you the fastest and simplest route to get there. Those apps will even redirect you because of traffic. I wish I had that service when I was a new driver.

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Before GPS, everyone owned at least one map. I remember my father having at least five in his car's glovebox at any given time. When taking a trip, you had to pull out the roadmap and figure out your directions from that. If you got lost, you had to pull over and hopefully be able to find your way. It wasn't easy getting around.

New Illinois Highway Map Now Available
New Illinois Highway Map Now Available

Believe It Or Not, Illinois Highway Maps Are Still Available

Honestly, I thought roadmaps were gone forever. They seem like a waste of paper. Even you you still owned one, when was the last time you looked at it? I threw all of mine out years ago. Well, you're not going to believe this but they are still available for the state of Illinois.

According to pantagraph.com,

The official highway map for Illinois has been updated and is being made available.


The map is updated every other year and available for free at interstate rest areas and any transportation department facility. Maps also can be requested by emailing DOT.maps@illinois.gov.

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