The fast-food workforce is changing from teenagers to senior citizens.

I remember turning 16. Not only could I get my license, but it was also time to get a job.

The first place my friends and I applied were fast-food restaurants. I think I knew at least one person that worked at each spot in my hometown.

It was the right of passage for teens going into adulthood to work the drive-thru. The key word in the sentence is "was."

According to,

"Step aside, teens — senior citizens are the hot new fast-food recruits."

That's right. Fast-food restaurants are now recruiting baby boomers to work at their locations instead of students.

Americans are living longer. Plus, the work is getting older and growing.

In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau has stated that by 2035 there will be more Americans 65 and older than 18 and under.

The companies have found that the older workers are better equipped to handle the customers. Also, it doesn't cost them more to hire an employee more experienced in life.

The job market is so competitive, chains are searching places like senior centers, churches, and other senior-related groups.

Don't be surprised in the near future, if a senior citizen takes your order.


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