A pair of teenagers in Huntley, Illinois bully a little boy by duct-taping him to a pole and taking his bag of candy.

I know bullying is bad but this is horrible. It sounds like something that would happen on an after school special type movie and not it real life. I hope these teens get into some serious trouble.

According to nbcchicago.com,

"Police are searching for two teenagers they say duct-taped a young boy to a pole and stole his candy at a suburban pool."

It happened in Huntley at Stringray Bay Family Aquatic Center.

The mother told police her two boys were at the park next to the pool when a couple of teens on bikes came up to them. They stole candy from one of her sons and use duct-tape to attach his arm to a nearby pole. The bullies took off and the other son ran for help.

The incident is under investigation.

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