This may be a surprise to you but older people are big fans of weed.

When I look at senior citizens that I know, several of them suffer from some sort of pain. That means many of those older people have to take medication to help them get by.

It's no secret that we have an opioid problem is our country. This doesn't help that situation.

Seniors are discovering a new kind of relief and it's with marijuana.

According to,

"In a new survey, those who turned to it for treating chronic pain reported it reduced pain and decreased the need for opioid painkillers."

Not only is it helping, they really like it.

"Seniors are giving rave reviews for medical marijuana. Nine out of 10 liked it so much they said they'd recommend medical pot to others."

It allows the patients to manage their pain and be able to have an active life again.

The treatment can also help with appetite.

There are thousands of deaths every year from prescription pain medication but there are none from marijuana.

The main issue is to work with a doctor to get the correct dose so it works properly.

So don't judge your grandma if you catch her smoking up because it's for her health.


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