Even though recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois there are still rules and regulations that drug dealers try to break on a daily basis.

Massive Marijuana Bust In Illinois

Congratulations to the Illinois State Police for making a huge illegal drug bust. How big was it? Well, it was the biggest in that agency's history which is over 100 years old. The seizure happened off of I-80 in Geneseo which is a small town just outside of the Quad Cities near the Iowa border. The arrests were during the day earlier this week. The officers seized 5,200 pounds of cannabis which is said to be worth over $14 million.

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Details About The Huge Marijuana Bust In Illinois

An Illinois State Trooper was on patrol cruising down a highway when he spotted a suspicious-looking bus. He suspected Illegal actions going on so he pulled over the vehicle. The officer called for back-up from a K-9 unit. When the dog arrived, the cops did a search of the suspects. The animal immediately discovered several pounds of cannabis.

Illinois Marijuana Bust

Information About The Illegal Drug Traffickers

There were two men on the bus when the officers conducted the search followed by an arrest. They were from California and on their way to deliver the illegal product. They were charged with a Class X Felony and a Class One Felony.

According to wica.com, 

The Illinois State Police made one of the largest drug busts in its 100-year history on Wednesday, seizing over 5,200 pounds of illegal marijuana near the Quad Cities.


A search of the bus turned up numerous packages of illegal marijuana throughout the vehicle, officials said.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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