Police in Illinois are concerned about teens playing a dangerous game with squirt guns that could get someone seriously hurt.

Teens In Illinois Are Playing Dangerous Game Of Senior Assassins

Things are a lot different now than when I was a kid. Many situations were okay when I was growing up that you could never get away with nowadays. That includes some toys and games.

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One thing I know my friends and I did as a child but could never do in this day and age is play with toy guns. Many of them looked just like the real thing back in those times, even water pistols. Caps and sound effects made them even more authentic too. It would just be too dangerous in our world today.

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Some teens in Illinois are pushing their luck with a game involving squirt guns. It's the kind of situation where someone could get seriously injured or even killed. Police are very concerned about these incidents.

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The game is called Senior Assassins. A group of teenagers split into two teams. They wear dark clothes, ski masks and are armed with squirt guns. The object is to track down the opposing team and soak them with water. If you're not in on the game, the situation could look real for an innocent bystander.

A recent situation is Gurnee could've easily become deadly. During a round of the game, a group of high school students raided a restaurant to catch their friends with water guns. Another customer thought it was real and had no idea it was a game.


That witness is a legal concealed carry holder who was getting ready to pull out his gun in this situation. Luckily, he realized it was a game before some tragedy occurred. Next time, something horrible could happen.

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