Der Rathskeller, Rockford's oldest restaurant is for sale.

Der Rathskeller has been around for as long as anyone can remember, 1931 to be exact.

Serving tasty German beers on their modern beer garden, traditional German cuisine in their dining room which it's decor has stood the test of time, Der Rathskeller is the oldest restaurant in Rockford.

It's located at 1132 Auburn Street and has the old world German charm that really makes it unique.

Der Rathskeller is a favorite to many, whom all hope that it is not changed if and when new ownership takes place.

Fred Goetz owned Der Rathskeller, and Betty Giesen purchased the restaurant 40 years ago from him. It was only a basement at that time, according to the Rockford Register Star.

Betty has had her fair share of memories in Der Rathskeller. On her son's wedding day in 2000, there was a fire. She ran downstairs under the yellow tape and got the original skillet that they use today. Talk about tradition!

Betty is ready to retire and is looking for a new buyer. She, along with thousands of fans hope the tradition stays alive in Der Rathskeller.

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