No reason to leave Rockford for St. Patrick's Day because it's a fun & inexpensive place to party.

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is St. Patrick's Day. Especially, when it falls on a weekend. This year it's on a Saturday.

I've spent many a March 17th in Chicago. It's the number one place in the country to go for St. Patty's Day. The only problem is thousands of people do the same thing. It's overrun by drunks wearing green. Plus, it's super expensive.

As a veteran partier, can I make a suggestion? Hang in Rockford for the holiday this year.

According to,

"Rockford, Illinois is rated one of the top places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

Out of the 200 largest cities in the United States, the Forest City is rated # 41. Not bad for our little community.

An even better statistic...

Rockford is rated #3 in the country when it comes to lowest average beer price. That's awesome. We have cheap beer. Definitely, a great reason to party in the Screw City.

Message your friends and family now and make plans to head downtown Rockford to check out the parade then grab some green beers.

Remember, everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day.

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