After breaking many rules, a local bar in Illinois finally had to pay the consequences with a suspended liquor license.

Worst Day Of The Year To Have Liquor License Suspended In Illinois

It may vary from year to year but for 2023, I believe that St. Patrick's Day would be the worst day for a bar to have its liquor license suspended. I know the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve are huge drinking nights but they are during the holidays so you have other commitments.

St. Patrick's Day is an adult holiday. There's no getting together with family. It's all about corned beef and green beer. Plus, this year it lands on a Friday, which doesn't happen very often. Many people will take the day off or at least leave work early to start boozing. Oh yeah, and the NCAA basketball tournament is going on too. If you want to make a lot of extra money in just one day. Sign up to be an Uber driver.

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Illinois Bar's Liquor License Is Suspended For St. Patrick's Day

RJ.s Place in Rockdale will have to miss out on their annual big St. Patrick's Day crowd. It's just a local tavern that looks like the perfect place to spend the day drinking green beer. They are going to lose out on a lot of extra money too. Unfortunately, their liquor license has been suspended for two days. They are closed on St. Patrick's Day (Friday, March 17th) and March 18th (Saturday).

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The police calls to the bar had steadily increased over the past year with several violations of the liquor codes. The most recent event included a drunk bartender starting trouble with customers. The city had enough and suspended their license for two days and charged them a $250 fine. Hopefully, they learned from their mistakes.

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