A bar in Illinois has a great new concept featuring two very popular activities, playing mini golf and drinking cocktails.

Illinois Bar Offers Everything Needed For A Fun Night Out

  • Good food is always a great way to kick off a fun night.
  • Tasty cocktails are a big part of going out and having an exciting time.
  • Mini Golf will headline your enjoyable evening after some grub and booze.

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Bar With Mini Golf In Illinois

The Puttery Chicago is a popular place to hang out in the city. Why wouldn't it? Because most people like playing mini golf while having some food and drinks. It's Located on West Randolph Street in Chicago.

Inside the Puttery Chicago, there are four bars and two mini golf courses. Must be twenty-one or older. The entrance fee is $25 per person. There's lots of space with 23,000 square feet. The place is decorated beautifully.

The Puttery also has the latest and greatest when it comes to technology.  The course features trackable balls and digital scoring. It's a great way to hang out with friends with food, booze, and mini golf. You can't go wrong. For more info, HERE.

According to timeout.com,

Go full Caddy Shack at this exciting mini-golf cocktail bar on Randolph Street with 23,000 square feet of open space, the decor is stunning and the atmosphere is on point for an entertaining, fun experience.


Featuring two unique nine-hole putt putt courses, swanky bars and lounges to enjoy cocktails with friends, Puttery is a fun interactive activity everyone is sure to enjoy.

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