This group of thieves in Illinois came up with a pretty good plan to rob money from an armored truck.

Learning Crime From Hollywood

I don't have a background in crime. Pretty much everything I know about being a bad guy I learned from movies and TV shows. It's funny how that works. In Hollywood, they come up with some creative ways to break the law. Of course, it all starts out with a diabolical scheme. The cast from the Oceans movies is really good at it.

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Armored Truck Robbery In Illinois

The job was pulled off at the Orland Ale House in Orland Park. Danny Ocean (AKA George Clooney) would've been so proud of the setup. That local bar was hosting its annual St. Patrick's Day party. Like a lot of places in Illinois, they celebrate the Saturday before the actual holiday. It was the perfect distraction with lots of activities with rowdy people going on. The patrons weren't really paying attention to what else was going on besides the bash.

Two girls in a wig and a cap are photographed in a bar.
IL Armored Truck Robbed During St. Patrick's Party

The group of thieves acted very professionally as they pulled off the job. In just two minutes, they were out of there with many bags full of money. One witness did call the cops and pointed them in the direction the suspects took off but it was too late. Luckily, there was security footage of the incident.

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The owner of the bar locked down the place to make sure everyone was safe. No one was hurt which is a good thing. It won't be long before the police catch up with the thieves.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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