Owning a business is the dream for many residents of the Rockford area but unfortunately, it is not easy here are 5 new and closed places in 2023.

5 New Businesses That Came To Rockford In 2023

# 1 Sierra on East State Street in the Forest Plaza

  • I was able to check out this new store a couple of weeks ago. I thought they had a lot of great stuff. I even bought a pair of pants.

According to sierra.com,

Sierra offers the top brands for an active and outdoor lifestyle, with a vast selection of products for men, women, children & pets at amazing savings.

# 2 Lyfe Dispensary on 6774 Troy Drive

  • The newest dispensary to open in Rockford to help with the supply and demand of recreational marijuana in the Rockford area.

According to lyfeil.com,

We are a locally owned and operated establishment where potential knows no boundaries and the limits of what is possible are relentlessly pushed.


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# 3 Dirty Dough Cookies on 5505 East State Street inside the Flow Supreme Air Sport

  • I'm a big fan of cookies and these didn't disappoint.

According to dirtydoughcookies.com,

You won’t find a thicker, softer, more gooey or flavorful cookie than the ones from Dirty Dough.

# 4 Golden Bowl Asian Restaurant on 3415 E State State

  • I haven't had a chance to check out this place but it's definitely on my "must-try" list.

According to Golden Bowl Asian Restaurant Facebook page,

Wonderful fine-casual eatery serving Far East flavors.

# 5 Chavez Mexican Restaurant on 5494 East State Street

  • I had a live broadcast out there for Cinco De Mayo and it was a great time.

According to chavezmexicanrestaurante.com,

Using classic family recipes, but fusing with innovating inspirations to make it unique.

5 Rockford Businesses That Went Out Of Business In 2023

# 1 Vintage 501 at 501 East State Street in Downtown Rockford

  • I ate there a few times and enjoyed their food. I'm sad to see it go.

# 2 Bed Bath & Beyond on  6309 E State State in the Forest Plaza

  • Another big chain store in our community shut down.

# 3 Los Portales on 805 East State Street in downtown Rockford

  • It was a great place for a late-night burrito.

# 4 Crimson Ridge on 735 North Perryville Road

  • I purchased many gifts, flowers, and candy there through the years.

# 5 Camera Craft 3801 North Perryville Road

  • I remember going there years ago but it had been a long time.

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