Driving through Illinois cities sometimes feels like going through a retail graveyard with all the closed-down retail stores, restaurants, and businesses.

Visiting One Of Illinois' Top Cities

When anyone ranks the cities in Illinois, Naperville is rated high if not at the very top of the list. I've got friends and family that live there, so I'll admit it's a nice place. Their downtown is amazing with all kinds of restaurants, bars, stores, and more. You can find something to do for the whole family. There's always lots of people hanging out. It's almost like a mini Wrigleyville. It would be hard to believe any business not being successful.

Top Illinois City Losing Popular Store

It doesn't matter how great a city is, nowhere is perfect, including Naperville. A long-time retail store location is going out of business after twenty-five years. That just seems crazy to me because that downtown area is a good location for it with all the customers and traffic all around it. The Barnes and Noble is closing.

According to abc7chicago.com,

A downtown Naperville mainstay for the last 25 years is closing its doors.

Barnes & Noble announced in an Instagram post Wednesday that it would be moving from its location at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Washington Street in downtown Naperville to Oswego.

Why Is Barnes And Noble In Naperville Going Out Of Business?

According to nbcchicago.com,

The Naperville location will close on Jan. 21. The new location is expected to open at the Prairie Market Shopping Center in Oswego in the spring of 2024.


The new location offers us a huge opportunity to feature our highly lauded new store design.

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