I have brought up Led Zeppelin's history of borrowing heavily from past blues artists in this space before. Sometimes they have even had to pay 'undisclosed' sums to these artists after lawsuits were brought forth, but they really nailed this original blues number from Led Zeppelin III.

As a teenager, I loved going to the Midnight Movies on weekends. We usually caravaned to see one of a few movies that were usually shown in the midnight hour; Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the Led Zeppelin concert film The Song Remains the Same. That last one was always and still is my favorite of those films. Sure the non-concert scenes were a little cheesy, but it was worth it for the music. I had the album soundtrack for the film before I ever saw it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the sweet familiar opening notes of "Since I've Been Loving You" in the theater. It has always been one of favorite Zep tunes, but it was left off the soundtrack album (it was included in the 2007 reissue).

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