It's day 2 of a week's worth of Grateful Dead songs on the Brizz Record Bin. Back in the early days of MTV (remember kids, the 'M' stands for Music), this was the only Grateful Dead video you could see. It comes from the opening sequence of the excellent Grateful Dead Movie, released in 1976. Recorded during one of the band's many shows at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco in 1974. Like the most expensive of wines, that is a very good vintage when it comes to Dead shows. For me, 1973-74 is the sweet spot for the group, though they still had a ton of great songs that had yet to be written and played.

There's nothing like a Grateful Dead concert. You got that right. The music gives the show a nice ebb and flow. From long, psychedelic songs like 'Dark Star' and 'The Other One,' to gentle ballads like 'Brokedown Palace' and 'Stella Blue' to some snappy, uptempo numbers that give Jerry a chance to work out some killer Chuck Berry rock 'n roll riffs like 'Around and Around,' 'Beat it on the Down the Line,' and today's Brizz Record Bin tune, 'U.S. Blues.'

  • Tickets go on sale to Dead fan club members from February 9 to 11
  • Public presale will take place February 12-13
  • General public on-sale February 14


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