No, it can't be true. Yes is not in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. This isn't some take on the "Who's on First" Abbott and Costello comedy skit. The band Yes is not in the hall of fame. It's one of many outrages when it comes to that questionable institution on shores of the once flammable Lake Erie in Cleveland.

You won't find a more talented group of musicians, no matter the line-up. In 1977, the band released their eighth studio album, Going for the One. One of the many things about this band I love is the sound of Steve Howe's guitar. The man can seamlessly go from country picker to prolific fifteen minute-long soloist to heavy metalish all in one song. On the title track from Going for the One, Howe uses the pedal steel guitar to get his point across. It's a bit of a departure from the classic Yes sound, until Jon Anderson's distinctive voice soars above the chugging sound of the band. The song was written by Anderson. A couple of changes were evident on this album. First, it was self-produced by the band as opposed to their trusty friend Eddie Offord who controlled the knobs on their previous few releases including their powerhouse classic Fragile (1972). Also, the cover was not designed by artist Roger Dean whose artwork is synonymous with the band. The bubble band logo he designed was used, but the record cover featured a naked man looking at a couple of buildings, and was designed by Hipgnosis who famously created many album covers for Pink Floyd including Dark Side of the Moon, along with Peter Frampton, Bad Company, Syd Barrett, UFO, Wings, Led Zeppelin and many more.

So, for today it's an affirmative Brizz Record Bin with Yes' "Going for the One."

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