Keith Richards autobiography holds a special spot in my life. In 2010, my father was very sick and I made multiple trips to see him in Colorado that year. I was losing my hero and my best friend. It was not easy. That year, Keith put out his book Life, and I learned a lot about the man that I just never knew. I'm not talking about the specific stories, but just Keith in general.

Once I learned that he was the inspiration behind Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, it made sense. I thought to myself, "Well sure. He's a mumbling aloof guy just like Keith is." I was wrong. I found Keith to be a really nice, loving, pleasant guy. I know there are plenty of examples of him not being like that, but overall, I think he is the sensitive one out of all the Stones. Just different that what I instinctively thought.

When Keith got his first guitar, he tried to impress him mother by learning one of her favorite songs. The book starts off with this story, or maybe it was the story of he and Bobby Keys getting harassed by cops in Texas? Either way, they're both in the beginning of the book. Then at the end, when he discusses his mother's death, he describes how he played that song for her at the end. A nice way to book end his story, pun not intended.

I read that book over the course of one my trips home to see Dad that year, and coupled with that story Keith told, I see ol' Uncle Keef a little different that I used to.

Keith dodged a bullet, so to speak, on this day in 1977. He was fined 750 pounds by an English court for possession of cocaine in his wrecked car the previous year, and charged an additional 250 pounds for court costs. Ask half the people in prison. They'll tell you it was a slap on the wrist.

So Keith takes the lead vocal on today's Brizz Record Bin, with 'You Got the Silver.' Here is a great live version, featuring a guitarless Keith singing at the front of the stage with Ron Wood on guitar and Charlie Watts on drums.

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