You know what I hate? When I'm at a shindig and there's a bunch of no-goodnicks pulling shenanigans on people. It's that old-timey language that gets your pal Brizz strange looks. I bring this up because on this day in 1966, the final episode of the American music variety show 'Shindig!' aired. The last show featured The Kinks and The Who as musical guests. Talk about a shindig! That's one hell of a one-two punch in rock 'n roll entertainment. Among the artists to perform (or lip-sync) on the show is impressive, being that the program was only on the air for two seasons:

The Beatles, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Howlin' Wolf, The Yardbirds, Bo Diddley, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, and the list goes on and on. Fast forward almost two decades to 1981, and The Kinks were on a roll. They had a gold album in 1979 with Low Budget and followed it up with Give the People What They Want, featuring the great rocker "Destroyer." We kicked off the show this afternoon with this tune on the Brizz Record Bin today. Like an Arctic wind blowing cold in January, rumors are swirling of a possible Kinks reunion. The Davies brothers are notoriously explosive when they get together and it seems that even today, they can't stand to be in the same room with each other. Brotherly love.

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