Rolling Stone Magazine put together one of the most hilarious album reviews of all time, at the expense of the greatest KISS album.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

The 1976 KISS album, Destroyer is widely known as their best work. From the heart pumping pace of Detroit Rock City, to the violin strings of Beth. Easily their most complete work and it helped but them on the map. Not to mention 40 years later, this album still holds up and is a rock CLASSIC.

But, an album reviewer for Rolling Stone Magazine name John Milward had different ideas.

Some of the great one liners about Destroyer from this review:

  • Two Bloated Ballads
  • Kiss still lacks flash that could have made their music listenable.
  • Pedestrian Drumming
  • Lackluster Performances
  • Vocals - Undistinguished and Emotionally Empty
  • Not a Memorable guitar solo on the album

KISS still continues to rock faces around the world, while this reviewer is probably a Wal-Mart greeter somewhere.


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