The Police were one of those bands that burned white hot for a short amount of time. Like The Doors and Hendrix before them, The Police made music that was completely their own and none of them had a dog in their album catalogs. All of their records were good, at the very least. L.A. Woman, Axis: Bold as Love, Ghost in the Machine, and so on. The Doors had Jim's voice, Jimi had that guitar, and The Police had a sound that nobody has been able to copy. A cool, new wave meets reggae meets progressive rock mix. Those white-hot flames don't tend to burn long though. The undoing of Jimi and The Doors were self destructive. The Police imploded due to three healthy, very talented men who refused to compromise their individual beliefs and motivations and good for them I say.

On this day in 1984, the band announced a farewell concert for March of that year in Australia. They have reformed several times for concerts and gave it one last go-round with a tour that spanned 2007-2008, including two shows at Wrigley Field. On a side note, the band filmed a TV commercial for Wrigley Spearmint Gum in 1978, in which they reportedly agreed to the stipulation that they all bleach their hair blonde. The band was hurting for cash at the time, but the spot never aired.

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