Jake and Elwood Blues aren't just in the music business anymore.

Blues Brother Coffee

In a list that seems to be growing by the day, the Blues Brothers are just the latest to have their own brand of coffee.

This no BS coffee contains no GMOs, hormones, or gluten. It's available in both whole bean and single serve.

Fans of the iconic Chicago duo will appreciate the names of each flavor, too.

  • Soul Man
  • 440 Power Plant
  • Full Tank
  • Blessed Acceleration
  • Jake's Guilty Pleasure

As far as celebrity coffees go, I've personally tried Dave Ellefson's coffee and Laughing Man from Hugh Jackman. Both were great, but I think I liked Laughing Man just a little bit more in terms of taste.

I'm thinking I might need to order a bag of the Soul Man and try it out too.

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