The four members of the Doors really come from four different places. Jazzy, bluesy, experimental, Mars. You figure out which member is from where, it's not hard to do. Their first album released in early 1967 offers a full menu of tastes. "Light My Fire" was a jazzy approach to pop music. "The End" was psychedelic and troubling to say the least. "The Alabama Song" was an old-time barrelhouse number, "Break on Through" was great rock 'n roll and "Back Door Man" was an old Howlin' Wolf song written by him and Willie Dixon. Here's a great TV performance of the song. Watch Jim Morrison sing, sleep and bring it home all in one song.

Come on out to Aviators Stadium this Saturday for the 2nd Annual Field of Blues Festival. Gates open at 11 a.m. Music begins at noon. Bring a chair and sit on the field or watch from the stands.