AC/DC gets lumped in with metal bands but they really were a great blues based band. An update on the Chuck Berry model of music. Great riffs, several chords (but not too many) and loved by all sorts of music fans. Everyone loves "Johnny B. Goode," and everyone loves "Whole Lotta Rosie." Much like the Sam and Dave argument among Van Halen fans, the Bon Scott/Brian Johnson debate is ongoing. The vocal difference is obvious and the musical difference is pronounced too. The Johnson-era stuff is more in the straight hard rock vein, where much of the Bon music is much more blues based.

The reverence that foreign musicians have for American blues music always impresses me. Hearing the stories of how young guys would seek out what were then obscure artists and pick the licks from the records and make them their own through interpretation. Clapton, McCartney, Richards, Beck, Page, Peter Green, the Young brothers of AC/DC...the list goes on.

No need to strap yourself in for this one. The band takes a slow bluesy ramble down the road. We're keeping it bluesy on the Brizz Record Bin this week in anticipation of the Field of Blues Festival this Saturday at Aviators Stadium. Let's point the brake lights toward the past and "Ride On."