Check out this bootleg recording of Cheap Trick and AC/DC jamming Johnny B. Goode together in concert.

In March of 1994, Cheap Trick released an album "Woke Up With A Monster." Of course, they went on the road to support the album. They had played a couple of hometown shows on that tour. They were on October 29th and 30th at the Coronado Theater.

I was fairly new in radio and Rockford. I got to town in the summer of 1993. My shift was overnights from 12 am to 5:30 am Monday through Friday. I went to the show on the 30th. I remember it was a Sunday night because right after I had to go work at the station.

A couple of hours into my show, the special "hotline" rang in the studio. I thought it might be one of my co-workers messing with me but it ended up being Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick. It was my very first interaction with him or anyone in the band.

We chatted about the show. I asked him if he had any requests, Rick suggested AC/DC and talked about how much of a fan he was of those boys. Of course, I played some for him.

I knew the two bands toured together a lot back in the 1970s. When the Australian rockers were just starting out, Cheap Trick gave them a break to be their opening act. At one particular show, some members of AC/DC joined them on stage.

Someone recorded the show illegally that night and it ended up on a bootleg. I just found it on YouTube. You have to check it out.

"AC/DC were supporting Cheap Trick and on the last song the boys joined in. Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and, Angus Young Performing "Johnny B. Goode" live With Cheap Trick in Sioux Falls Arena, South Dakota July 7, 1979."

How cool would it have been to be there that night to witness the jam? Plus, having a recording of it for the memories.

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