Do you remember when Cheap Trick traveled through a blizzard to play a show in Rockford?

I know that Cheap Trick has played shows in their hometown of Rockford, Illinois many times in their career. In fact, I have been at several of them. I am sure you have attended some yourself.

Do you remember the last time they played in the Forest City? It was been a few years. The show was on November 21st, 2015 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. It ended up being a special one and more than just the fact that it was a hometown show. Even a blizzard could not stop the boys from playing their show here.

I started a new segment on my show called "Backstage Pass, an inside look at the concert industry" featuring Don Kronberg from NiteLite Promotions. He is going to share his insight, news, and stories about the concert business. That Cheap Trick show was his. Here is his version of what happened that day.

Video: Cheap Trick Makes It Through Blizzard To Play Rockford Show

What a crazy story. It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I woke up early that day because I had a holiday food drive that I was hosting. Through the night we got a bunch of snow, at least a foot. I was going to have to dig myself out before I could go anywhere.

The charity involved was counting on those donations, so we did not cancel it. From my house to the grocery store, there was one lane barely plowed. A normal ten-minute drive took me at least half-hour. I would sit there for several hours before anyone came to shop let alone make a donation.

By the time I was finished, the roads were good. I had enough time to go home and change to meet my friends for dinner in downtown Rockford. After, we headed to the Coronado. We got there in time to watch the opening act, Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts. They finished their set and we headed to the lobby. A few minutes later, we heard them playing again. Then ended up playing a whole other set.

The blizzard delayed the arrival of Robin Zander and Tom Petersson. It was pretty late before they got on stage but they still played an amazing show for the patient fans who waited out the delay. When I finally got home, I pretty much passed out from exhaustion.

Were you at that show too?

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