The late singer, Bon Scott, from AC/DC, tried Mexican food for the very first time in Rockford with Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick.

I was out to lunch with a couple of friends the other day. We were talking about some of our favorite restaurants and the different kinds of food we enjoy. Our group came to the conclusion that as residents of Rockford, we are very lucky because there are so many great local places to eat. Sometimes, it is even difficult to choose a place to go.

When it comes to my favorite foods, Italian, especially pizza, is right there on top of my list. Not too far behind in a close second is Mexican, in particular tacos and burritos. Rockford has their fair share of places to feist of those types of meals.

I was trying to remember when I had my first burrito and taco because I have been a fan for so long. I know I was pretty young at the time. Thinking back, I believe it was at a local Mexican restaurant, which is the ideal way to be introduced into the delicious world of tacos and burritos.

Even though I can not imagine being without Mexican food in my meal rotation, I totally understand some people do not have the same taste as myself. Maybe, they have not had the opportunity to try it. Especially, when you are talking about folks from different places and cultures.

It is fun to teach visitors about new things. I have relatives from Finland and when they take a trip to the United States, my family and I like to take them to experience new things.

Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick still lives in Rockford. When the band is not on the road, you can run into him around town. If another band has a show in the area, Rick will stop by and check it out. Sometimes even joining them on stage for a jam session. Nielsen has been know to invite them back to his house to hang out afterward.

I have heard some stories through the years about those aftershow parties but this is a new one. I know that Cheap Trick and AC/DC have played many shows and gone on several tours together. The two legendary bands have become quite the friends through the years.

According to,

"I had Angus [Young] and Malcolm [Young], and Cliff [Williams] came to my house in 1979. I was the first guy to ever take [late AC/DC singer] Bon Scott have Mexican food; he had a taco and Scotch." (Rick Nielsen)

How cool is that? Bon Scott had a taco for the very first time right here in Rockford, Illinois. Now, I want to know where they went to eat.

If you could take AC/DC out for tacos in Rockford, where would it be?

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Video: Talking Tacos With Daxx Nielsen From Cheap Trick




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