I have said it hundreds of times before and I will say it again. Rockford has no shortage of great musicians and bands. I have seen rock, death metal, alt-country, alt-blues, plain old alt stuff, blues, jazz, Cheap Trick and some pan flute combo thing. That's all within a six-block area of downtown Rockford. We have the Nielsens, the Zanders, Pistol Pete, and the great Barstool Bob Levis.

You have probably heard of or seen the Barstool Bob Blues Band. They can tear it up. Bob has played rhythm guitar for Otis Rush and Lonnie Brooks among many others. He was in the house band at the legendary Chicago blues club, Kingston Mines. Bob is the real deal.

There will be a fundraiser for Bob on June 22 at the Lyran Society, 1115 4th Ave. in Rockford. Bob has a ton of friends and many of them are showing up to help out. The amount of talent showing up is staggering. All of the money raised is going right to Bob. He has had circulatory problems in his legs since an accident pinned him between two cars in his youth. Due to complications after a recent surgery, he lost part of his right leg. The good news is that Bob is on the mend and hopefully will be back very soon to play for us. I heard he may even play a lick or two at the benefit. Here's great video of Bob making room for a lightnin' hot up-and-comer at Kryptonite.