With $10,000 you can literally s--t gold for I'm guessing at least six months. Why hasn't anyone told me this before?

Sure, I know you are thinking, "Lori you are crazy." So what if I am! Pooping gold would be cool.

Money Pills
Mathier, ThinkStock

I mean, think about the party tricks you could do. I can hear it now, "Oh My God! What rich jerk just s--t gold turds! Who cares if they didn't flush! Can I sell these?"

How you poop gold is actually quite easy if you are rich. All you have to do is purchase these 24K gold leaf capsules. Now they are $425, but doesn't say for how many of these magical pooping pills. I'm assuming that $10,000 will get you at least a six month supply.

Once you take the gold pills, let mother nature do the rest.

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