Peter Wilt visits the graves of the Stateline's biggest baseball legends.

A local man visits the graves of baseball legends and leaves a bat and ball.

Who is Peter Wilt? I don't know, but I think his Twitter speaks volumes of the type of person he is.

Peter is obviously a baseball fan, someone who is local and he has a huge heart. He has been stopping by the grave sites of some of the Stateline's best known ball players and leaving plastic bats and balls.

Here are some of the many graves he has visited:

Ross Barnes who played for the RedStockings/WhiteStockings/Reds from 1871-1881. Dottie Key played for the famous Rockford Peaches.

Here, Peter traveled to the small town of Sadorus, IL, near Champaign, where he visited Dorothy 'Dottie' Schroeder. She played for the Kenosha Comets from 1945-1947 as well as other local teams.

Alfred Spink wasn't a ball player, but was an influential part in the game. He moved to Chicago where he would write for the Evening Post, then in 1910 he published on of the first baseball histories, The National Game.

Peter Wilt has also visited many other influential players across the country. Here he visits Calvin McLish in Oklahoma. He once played for the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox.

Joe Hauser was from Milwaukee and died in Sheboygan. He played for both the Philadelphia Athletics and Cleveland Indians.

How cool is that!

I'd love to be able to take a tour across country and be able to visit with so many baseball players, relive the memories and the game. Even better, I'd love to create new memories.

I'm sure you would too. For the love of the game, why not enter to win?


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