Food combinations can tell a lot about a person, I think. Is the person a genius by mixing flavors whether it seems normal or not? Does the person's love for (insert food combo here) make you question their taste in a negative way? Are they the kind of person who will literally eat anything even if for shock value?

Arguably Good Food Combinations

Dipping french fries into ice cream seems to be a common thing but they must be fresh (hot).

Another interesting combo that I enjoy goes back to my young childhood while spending time at my grandparents' house. I'm not sure where it originates but a peanut butter and butter sandwich will always hold a special place in my heart. It must be crunchy peanut butter though.

A list of food combinations could be endless but there's a trend out of Wisconsin that I can't wrap my taste buds around. The pairing of these two is great and often enjoyed together but not in the way and almost have questioning Wisconsin folks.

How the heck did I find this disgusting food combo?

I was told about a guy at a New York Yankees game who used his hot dog as a straw for his beer. First of all, drinking your beer with a straw should be a crime. Second, he used a hot dog? That seems like way too much work and it's gross. See for yourself.

As if this weren't questionable, another crazy thing was captured on camera at a Yankees game. Watch this man closely.

He's DIPPING a no-condiment hot dog and bun INTO his beer and eating it like this is a normal thing. The man committing this heinous crime is comedian Kareem Rahma, a native Midwesterner. In an article by Mel Magazine, they explain he's creating a "familiar Wisconsin treat." Wait, what? Are people in Wisconsin really dipping their hot dog (with a bun) into their beer like they're Joey Chestnut? Allow me to clear up the confusion.

The "treat" the article is referring to is a beer-soaked brat, not a freshly-bunned hot dog. Unfortunately, the "hot dog dipped in a beer" stigma will forever be associated with Wisconsin every time someone does a Google search. But, could this be the next big food trend? Let's hope not.

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