WIf you can't find it on Facebook's marketplace you probably don't need it.

OK, maybe that's a stretch. Maybe the quote should be, be careful when scrolling through Facebook's marketplace because you might stumble upon your worst nightmare.

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You can literally buy anything on Facebook, it's actually incredible. Looking for clothes? Looking for furniture? Looking for a vehicle? Looking for a home? Whatever it is you're searching for there is probably one for sale on the social media juggernaut.

(scared kid pic)

Some things should not be allowed to be sold on the mecca of online marketplaces.

  • Used underwear
  • Anything that will lead to nightmares.

Ok, so the list is short and I'm sure I missed something but those are primarily the things I don't want to see when I'm scrolling through random items.


Pam Neubauer, Facebook Market Place

What is that doll looking at? It's totally looking at SOMETHING.

Pam Neubauer, Facebook Marketplace

Why are the EYES missing?!

Based on some of the comments, I'm not alone in thinking these dolls are seriously messed up.

20$ to burn them

Another person shared a GIF of something you would see a priest doing during an exorcism.


These dolls are nothing short of terrifying. "Make an offer on either one"? To hell with that! Literally. Both of them.

(If you want to terrorize someone with these dolls you can buy them here.... while supplies last.)

Pam Neubauer, Facebook Market Place

Despite those nightmarish dolls, there is something much worse in Illinois. There's an abandoned motel/truckstop stop south of Rockford, Illinois that has MULTIPLE dolls and toys tethered to the doors and windows.

Don't believe me?

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

Moving on... how about these 25 Rockford things only locals will understand?