If you suffer from coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, this article may induce weird dreams when you're trying to get a good night's rest.

A woman in Southeast Texas made a very interesting yet creepy discovery while cleaning out a shed. Jammie Leigh Marcantel says the shed she was cleaning a woman who has A LOT of things in her "collection."

The lady whose shed it is, is a hoarder and she wants to sell some of this stuff.

One of the many items in her shed includes an incredibly creepy clown statute.

Jammie Leigh Marcantel via Original Chicago, Facebook

Jammie Marcantel says the story behind this nightmare on a stick was purchased more than 50 years ago from a barber in Chicago. Why? Because it's where the "collector's" son got his first haircut. The story goes, the woman purchased this parent of Pennywise on the barber's last day in business when he was approaching 100 years of age at the time.

What makes this clown even more ... unique... is the fact that it is motorized. It might even still function.

The clown sat in the entrance plugged in.

Jammie Leigh Marcantel via Original Chicago, Facebook

Jammie, being the intelligent woman she is, posed this question in a group on Facebook titled, Original Chicago.

Does anyone recognize this statue and know what barber or neighborhood it is from?


While a few responses direct Jammie to people or organizations who might know more about the mechanical clown's origin, several comments were about the creepy factor.

"Please return that to the bowels of hell from whence it came."

"Def John Wayne Gacy vibes!"

"I believe the neighborhood this thing is from is called Hell."

You can read all the comments and maybe learn where this thing came from here.

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