If you think your in-laws suck, you are probably right.

In-Laws Visit

  Brace yourself, the time you must spend with the in-laws is here.

The scene from Christmas Vacation where the doorbell rings and all the in-laws show up at once, gives me a chill. Welcome to hell one and all, Christmas just got annoying.

If you think your in-laws are the worst, chances are you are right. Here are 7 Signs That Your In-Laws are Toxic, Merry Christmas!

  • They try to turn you and your significant other against each other
  • They insert themselves in your decisions as a couple
  • They intentionally make you feel bad
  • They don't respect your space
  • They continue to treat you like a child
  • They freeze you out
  • They gossip about you when you aren't there

Any of these sound familiar? Happy Holidays.



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