As you prepare for in-laws, over eating, and possibly a good amount of alcohol consumption, here are some helpful suggestions on how NOT to be a turkey.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack


The holiday season brings out the best and worst of all of us. Life is so busy and everyone has an opinion, about everything. What makes matters worse this year, the election. Pass the yams Uncle Bob and shut it.

Take a deep breath as you go into battle tomorrow, it's only one day/meal and you can return to normal on Friday.

So I put together a five step survival guide to dealing with Thanksgiving silliness and not being a turkey. Here goes:

  • Drink - O.K., alcohol isn't always the answer but wearing that liquid coating may help deal with a sister in-law named Bubba.
  • Don't Drink - Being the clear headed one might be the answer. Let the opinionated ones drown their sorrows and enjoy the show.
  • Sit at the Kids Table - Nothing as precious as the deep thoughts that come from the mouths of babes. Seriously, who farted is an important question.
  • Food Coma - This will work follow me. Stuff your face, eat everything and take a nap. No better way to avoid, "Back in my day" then falling asleep.
  • Don't go - Do the really deserve to see you? Do you have to be there? Sometimes the best method of preventing a situation is to just not show up. Football will be on your TV at home and the deli section at your favorite store has sliced turkey.

With that, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day no matter what you decide to do...don't be a turkey.