What would I do with $1,000? Well, if I had a 'Grand in My Hand' I would do the most logical thing. I would go to Rockford's Craigslist and buy a bunch of awesome stuff I don't need.

Charles Taylor, ThinkStock

The first item I would obviously buy would be a tanning bed. This gem is priced at $600. I know, it's a big chunk of change but I could use a little color. I'm like Casper-the-German-Polish ghost running around here. You can literally see through my skin.

Second on my list would be this beautiful turntable for bonzi plants. It's only $50 which I think is an exceptional value. It even comes with all of the tools for trimming your bonzi plant. One problem, I don't have a Bonzi Plant. But hey, I'm a sucker for a good deal.

My next item of choice is this AWESOME sticker and temporary tattoo machine. With the price tag of $250 it fits nicely in my budget. Plus, I look at this as an investment. All of my nieces and nephews could pay me a dollar every time they want a sticker or tattoo. BINGO! I'm in the money.

Well, I do only have $100 left so I will settle on this fancy Nascar Jacket. It is a 2X (so way to big for me) but it does look like it would be very warm. I could wear it when driving so I would look extra fast. Not to mention it will keep me nice and toasty around the bonfires this summer.

What would you buy yourself if you had a "Grand In Your Hand?" We are giving away $1,000 twice every weekday in May. I hope you are one of our lucky winners!


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