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Now back to the spending!

I'm there's a lot of you who could use a good break and vacation, but what if you only have enough time for the weekend or maybe just a week.  Luckily for you, Rockford has quite the selection on Airbnb.

This place looks like a great spot for a Downtown Rockford weekend getaway located near a ton of awesome local spots to eat and/or get drinks.

And at only $101 a night you could have quite the time with $10,000! Or maybe you wanna get out of the city for a while and bring the family along. This home in Rochelle is just the spot!

Not only does it have a ton of rooms, but there's a pool, large patio, along with 19 rural acres with an amazing Midwestern view.

The price for this home is a bit higher than the other so you'll be tapping into that $10,000 payoff a bit more. But this could be a neat opportunity for a memorable getaway with the family.

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