When you're spending more time at home, you might as well have a-rockin' stereo system to listen to your favorites on!

And winning $10,000 isn't a bad way to get yours absolutely perfect!

Since we're giving you a chance to win CASH with the Ultimate Stimulus Check, let's have pretend fun with what could be with the cash you'd win.

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Like a lot of you, my music collection is ever-growing and one of my most treasured possessions. So having a killer system to jam it on is so important.

Saturday mornings growing up were spent around my parents' turntable and I've always wanted to rebuild one like it for myself.

If you didn't know, Rockford has so many great record stores, that are always full of great finds including vintage stereo equipment.

The tricky part is with places like Culture Shock, CD Source, and Toad Hall is that their inventory is always changing so it's hard to say for sure which piece to your stereo you could get at any of these local locations, but going to the store and looking to see what they have is always fun.

Plus you can leave yourself some extra cash to grab some more music for your collection, whether it be some killer vinyl, CDs, or even some books (comic too) and a new t-shirt.

But after doing a quick Google search to see just who carries used/vintage stereo equipment I stumbled upon a store I didn't know we had here in the neighborhood.

Sound Classics is a Rockford business that seems to only deal in vintage stereo equipment and has quite the selection too!!  Check out their website, it's any music nerds dream! You could easily build a killer old school sound system there too. They can even help you fix it too if something should happen.

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