It takes a thief with a lot of guts to try and pull off a robbery like this one because the likelihood of it working is very low.

Armed Robbery Of Casino In Illinois

This incident happened recently at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. The suspect is Ismail Ahmed Ateyat who is from Chicago Ridge. This thief is either really brave or extremely stupid. I'm going to say it's a mixture of both. Who in their right mind is going to try and rob a casino with all that technology and security in just one place? You might as well just drive yourself straight to jail.

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The suspect walked into the casino wearing a black face mask. He approached employees working at one of the tables. The man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victims. There were thousands of chips on the game and this guy grabbed them and took off for the door. He temporarily got away with it. They were worth $14,000.

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$14K Stolen From Illinois Casino

Illinois Casino Thief Arrested

I can just guess how the thief was feeling. He got home safe so he definitely thought he got away with it. The local police with help from the Illinois Gaming Board were able to track him down fairly quickly and of course, he was immediately arrested. Even before he was able to spend any of the money. My question is what did he think he was going to do with stolen casino chips?

According to,

 A 23-year-old Chicago Ridge man is accused of pulling out a handgun, pointing it at employees and stealing $14,1000 in chips on Oct. 31 at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines.


Ateyat was arrested Nov. 1 at his home and reportedly found the handgun, a black face mask he was wearing during the crime and the stolen chips.

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