Today is 'Be a Millionaire Day' and I can think of a few ways to celebrate, without spending a million.

We all want to be a millionaire, but the likelihood of that happening is just not in everyone's cards. That doesn't mean you can't try to join the millionaire club.

If you are one of the lucky ones who is a millionaire, bask in your large piles of money and enjoy yourself. If you are like me, you can roll around in a pile of pennies and nickels. I think it would be safer to roll around change, ya know... dollar bills could lead to unpleasant paper cuts.

I checked for some fantastic ways to celebrate this awesome day, besides rolling around in money.

  1. Review your investments. Look for ways to improve them.
  2. Review your investment portfolio with a trusted investment or financial planner.
  3. Increase your deposits to your savings accounts.
  4. Start or add to your 401K. This is always a good starting point.
  5. Review your spending. Many Millionaires get there by a combination hard work, sound investment, and frugal spending.
  6. Go to a casino.
  7. When all else fails ,buy a lottery ticket....just one.

That seems like 7 solid ideas to celebrate today. But it seems as if they have missed out on one of the most important ways to celebrate.

BONUS: 8. Enter to win $10,000 cash!

I know, it's not a million... but it will get you a step closer. Good luck!


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