Who knew they could fit that many zeros on a tiny piece of paper.

If I was to check my purse right now, I would have a couple of singles, some change and if I was lucky a twenty dollar bill hiding somewhere between all of the plastic rewards cards.

I have rarely seen the new $100 bills, and I sure have NEVER seen a $10,000 bill!

Turns out that the $10,000 bill is quite rare being that there are only 336 remaining. They are no longer printed, but at one time were available to the public. They generally were used between large businesses and banks which makes sense. Who would feel safe walking around with a stack of $10,000 bills?

YouTuber USCurrency1992 shows off his large bill collection, with the $10,000 bill being shown in the video around 1:16.

I can't help you get a $10,000 bill per say... but I can tell you how you can win $10,000!

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