Who knew you could get paid just for hopping on the Illinois Treasury website?

I mean, I remember reading something a ways back that the state may have some money or property of yours that has gone unclaimed and apparently, there's a way to get it back.

So yesterday, I was bored (SHOCKER), so I decided to log on to illinoistreasurer.gov to get started.

From there, Illinois Treasurer, Michael Frerichs greets you with the, "Oh you're here to get paid, aren't you?" smile.

At the top of the site, under "Individuals" you'll see "ICash." Click it, and get ready to find your missing money and/or property.

You can search for unclaimed property or money if your a business owner or just a regular dude like me checking to see if you got some extra dough lying around.

For me, believe it or not, I actually found something that apparently NICOR owed me from back in the day. I filled out all the appropriate forms online and got an email with some extra steps needed in order to file my claim.

All in all, filing a claim to get some of my missing cash back was a real painless experience. Keep in mind, I filed yesterday, and I haven't received a dime yet, but I believe if you search hard enough you'll probably find something that is yours.

Good luck, "treasury hunters."

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