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Starting Monday we will give one FINAL week of "Ultimate Stimulus Check Cash Codes," worth up to $10,000. Ten codes per day, starting at 8:05 am with Double T.

So do you want some helpful hints? Some tips to win the bread? Clues on collecting the green? Here are some ways to get ahead of the game, and hopefully get you closer to the $10,000.

1 Download Our App HERE IPhone or Android ready

2. RECEIVE THE APP ALERTS!! We alert you ahead of time, here comes a word...we will tell you a cash code after Journey, etc.

3. Listen to 96.7 The Eagle for the cash code, (duh)

4. Click WIN CASH:


5. Click Enter to Win:


6. If you haven't already (which you should have) fill if your info

7. Find the spot where that hours word goes (it's labeled, dude)

8 Type word in

9. Hopefully win a bunch or money and buy donuts, or whatever you want.

#2 is SUPER DUPER important people. So follow these steps and end 2020 with a lot of money.

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